The village lies in the North East of the parish of Attymass near the town of Ballina in County Mayo.

It contains 488 acres of land, which includes a lot of bog . There is an ancient “enclosure” ( MA040-090) in the village.

Lough-a-coilleen, which is situated in the village, forms a boundary with Derreen. A stream on the North West forms a boundary with Byhalla.

The Staighre, is a pathway in the village, which was laid down over a hundred years ago to take turf from the bogs situated on the Ox mountains. It runs for about two miles through the lands of Padraic Walsh and Mrs Durkan to the mountain top. These steps were, in the past, also used as shortcuts to Derreen and to Attymass church.

The Old Slack House from the village was chosen to be the centrepiece of the “Irish Hunger Memorial” in Battery Park New York