Mayo Blackface

To preserve the mountain’s gorse and heather many of Carradoogan’s sheep no longer graze the Ox Mountains.

Carradoogan’s sheep are invariably of the breed known as “Blackface”. Each Flock carries its own “mark”.

Shown on the ewe below and her lambs is the Walsh “mark”, a single stripe of red fleece marker paint down the backbone.

“Blackfaces” are horned, with black or black and white face and legs. The fleece should be free of black fibre and can vary from short, fine wool used for carpets and tweeds to strong coarse wool, which is sold mainly for the Italian mattress trade.

The breed’s origin is lost in the midst of time, but undoubtedly emerged from the genetic umbrella of ‘ horned ‘ sheep from which also sprung the Swaledale, Rough Fell and Lewis