Ox Mountains

The Ox Mountains should, properly, be called Stormy Mountains, Sliabh Ghamh, at times, a most appropriate designation, but the name has been corrupted into Ox Mountains, Sliabh Dhamh.

The word “gamh” in Gaelic, meaning piercing cold, wintry, rough, has been misunderstood, during translation for the English, for another term of similar sound, namely, “damh” which signifies “ox.” .

Legends tells of Gamh, a Gallen of Eremon, one of Ireland’s first mythical invaders, being beheaded on the Mountain his head was thrown down a well causing it to be enchanted and altering its taste.

Another legend accounts for the derivation of the Ox name.

“On these mountains was an ox of monstrous size and of great age. This ox was killed by Cuaich, a hero of Tireragh, in a battle which took place on the mountains. Rahan the owner of the ox finding him killed, became outraged and Cuaich, in order to escape the vengeful hands of the enraged proprietor, concealed himself in one of the animal’s horns!”